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Talon Medical Specializes in:
 Infant Security Systems &
Obstetric Umbilical Cord Management

At Talon Medical Ltd., we develop and manufacture specialty products for sale in the United States and Overseas. Our products range from infant security (switching) systems to umbilical cord cutting and clamping. Our primary focus is directed towards the development of labor & delivery products for use in a hospital’s birthing center.

Our products are developed by clinicians, for clinicians, and undergo extensive field testing, before market release, to insure performance and reliability. Our obstetric products are available to all acute care hospitals.


The only infant security product specifically designed to help a hospital provide BOTH infant abduction protection AND accidental infant switching protection.


A new, specialty medical device designed to make the process of cutting the umbilical cord simple, quick and safe with no blood splatter.


A new, specialty medical device designed to quickly and cleanly obtain a sample of mixed blood, from the umbilical cord, without the danger of a syringe stick.


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Specializing in Infant Security Systems & Umbilical Cord Cutting & Clamping