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Umbilical Cord Blood Sample Gathering Device

CORD-X is a disposable product designed to quickly and cleanly obtain a sample of mixed blood, from the umbilical cord, without the danger of a syringe stick.


  • CORD-X is a single use only, disposable product.
  • Each CORD-X comes packaged individually.
  • Each CORD-X package includes Instructions for Use.
  • A CORD-X shipping unit contains 50 each.

Federal (USA) Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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Cord-X Benefits

SAFE: No Need to Work with an Unprotected Syringe
There is no need to work with a syringe to either draw blood from the cord or transfer blood to a "vacutainer".

The transfer of blood has been and is becoming an even greater problem to healthcare workers. OSHA regulations now require all healthcare organizations to adopt procedures that minimize the risks associated with blood-borne pathogens.

Easy to Use
A clean procedure, there is no need to work with a messy, slippery, hard-to-handle umbilical cord.

Just place the excess cord in the tray, press down on the lid and insert a "vacutainer" onto the protected needle.

A Quick Procedure
A 10-15cc mixed-blood sample can be obtained in seconds. There is less chance that the blood in the cord will coagulate and prevent the clinician from obtaining an adequate sample.

A Disposable Product
CORD-X is a single use only product. No need to worry about counting syringes or other components after the procedure. Just use it and dispose of per hospital procedure.

Low Cost - High Value
CORD-X is economically priced. The cost of treating just one blood transmission incident to a clinician can easily and quickly exceed the annual cost of using CORD-X.

The cost of not complying with OSHA regulations to protect clinicians from blood-borne pathogens can easily and quickly exceed the annual cost of using CORD-X.

U. S. Patent# 5,860,989. Other Patents Pending.

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