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Umbilical Cord Cutting & Clamping

SAFE-T-CLAMP is a disposable product designed to make the process of cutting and clamping the umbilical cord simple, quick and safe.




  • SAFE-T-CLAMP is a sterile, for single use only, disposable product.
  • Each SAFE-T-CLAMP comes packaged in its own tray.
  • A SAFE-T-CLAMP shipping container has 50 individual units.
  • Each SAFE-T-CLAMP shipping container includes ten (10) Instructions for Use.

Federal (USA) Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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Safe-T-Clamp Benefits

Blood Splatter is Contained Within the Device
Blood splatter has been and is becoming an even greater problem as high risk deliveries become more common. Everyone needs to be protected from blood-borne pathogens. OSHA regulations now require all healthcare organizations to adopt procedures that minimize the risks associated with blood-borne pathogens.

It is very difficult for physicians to don a protective face-shield because it is uncomfortable, it reduces visibility, it fogs up and it hampers communication. The Delivery Room is very warm to protect the infant, procedures can be long and the physician needs to constantly communicate with the mother.

Easy to Use
SAFE-T-CLAMP only requires a single-hand operation that can easily be performed by the physician or the father.

One quick snap does it all: Just pick-up it up, slide it over the cord and snap it shut.

SAFE-T-CLAMP simultaneously clamps the cord, cuts the cord, shields blood splatter inside the clamp and then separates into two pieces.

A Quick Procedure
The use of SAFE-T-CLAMP is fast. When an infant's birth is compromised, he/she can be quickly transferred to an isolettte,

  • Approximately 15% of all infants have meconium-stained amniotic fluid.
  • Approximately 5% of infants have respiratory depression.

The physician does not need to worry about blood splatter if he/she cannot take the time to shield the spray or try to milk the blood out of the cord prior to placing the second Kelly clamp.

The physician does not need to worry about handling multiple instruments.

Dad cannot cut the Cord in the Wrong Place
Many fathers now insist on their "right" to cut the umbilical cord but are nervous and find the cord is more difficult to cut than they thought.

Using clamps and scissors, dad can accidentally cut the physician and/or he may struggle with the task of cutting the cord and/or he may cut the cord in the wrong place.

With SAFE-T-CLAMP the physician can be assured that the cord will always be cut in the right place and that only the cord will be cut.

A Sterile, Disposable Product

SAFE-T-CLAMP is a sterile, for single use only product.

No need to worry about counting or reprocessing instruments after a procedure.

No need to worry about cross contamination.

Just use it and dispose of per hospital procedure.

Low Cost - High Value

SAFE-T-CLAMP is economically priced - contact us for a sales representative in your area.

The cost of treating just one blood splatter incident can easily and quickly exceed the annual cost of using SAFE-T-CLAMP.

The cost of not complying with OSHA regulations, to protect everyone from
blood-borne pathogens, can easily and quickly exceed the annual cost of using SAFE-T-CLAMP

U. S. Patent # 5,584,840. Other Patents Pending.

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